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My name is Katavasis. I do Madness Stuff in 3D Programs. I've got a thing for Madness since 2007.

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Current projects and future commissions

Posted by Katavasis - March 29th, 2020

Hiya fellas!


I've currently been working on quite a lot of projects. I'm planning on reviving my Timelapse series on Youtube and I now have a Twitter account I post all sorts of WiP Animation tests and other bullshittery.

I also changed my name on Newgrounds after 8 years, haha.

Rules Regarding SFM Content

I've been a bit bothered by the new rules regarding SFM Content and it's not really helping that a few artists I've been looking up to have pretty much said Source Filmmaker isn't art. Depends, I suppose! Anyone can move 3D Models, but you need to know how to pose correctly to get a few good results.

Speaking of which, I'll possibly clear some of the older art I've made as I believe it's a bit trashy. I still keep every bit of art on my drives so all's safekept for now. I'll still post my art on Twitter, I'll possibly redo some even! Who knows?

SFM Time lapses

A few years ago I enjoyed the idea of timelapsing the work I do and making a neat time lapse on how I start working on something and how it finishes. Seeing as the last one I did was of Deimos, I don't know why I didn't keep on going and why I stopped. Seeing as I'm learning the quirks, I started doing posters again and the ones that do end up getting public will be getting a time lapse treatment. For the most of it.


I've been thinking of opening safe-for-work commissions. They could range on anything I'm allowed to do in source.

I am thinking of expanding it to nsfw as well but; Do I really wanna dip there again?

Will keep updated on that matter, that or I'll post on Twitter. Maybe a Kofi for anyone that wants to help out instead, can't really think of anyone interested in commissions.


All the cool kids have one nowadays. I decided to hop onto Twitter in order to expand my art even more. That's all.

Other than that, currently I'm trying to learn how to properly do walk cycles. I'm pumped as I learn new things about Source, and right after I'm done learning, I have hopes of moving up to UE4 or Blender.